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Physical Therapy is a specialized medical profession that provides individually tailored programs that help patients improve physical function, mobility, decrease pain, and maintain or regain independence.

Our therapists can help individuals who face a wide range of conditions of musculoskeletal and orthopedic origin, back / neck pain, joint-related disorders (such as arthritis), sports injuries, balance problems, pelvic floor and post-surgical rehabilitation. Most spine & musculoskeletal pains are a result of repetitive, cumulative micro-injuries. Major scientific studies in managing spine and joint pain indicate exercise and overall fitness level to be the single most key factor in injury recovery. Regular and customized exercise and fitness is goal for overall health and vitality.

The therapist, physician and patient work together as a team to meet progressive recovery goals. Treatments may include manual therapy (hands-on); stretching and strengthening exercises; balance training activities; therapeutic exercise; and patient education to promote healing and avoid re-injury.

Our treatment philosophy combines skilled hands-on physical therapy with superior patient education, conditioning, and specific strengthening / stretching programs. Objective measurements are utilized to chart patient progress and outcomes. This multi-faceted approach is designed to restore functional movement, relieve pain and promote healing and recovery. Our emphasis on teaching injury prevention, functional restoration and healthy behaviors help patients to maintain improvements made as a result of their therapy and return more rapidly to their work and activities of daily living.

If acute or subacute episodes last longer than 6-8 weeks or recur, our proactive pain management program aggressively treats episodes with non-operative interventional pain management options. This is the high standard of care we follow at our practice, as delayed treatment may lead to chronic pain syndrome, disability, depression and disuse, while delaying the return to function. Early return to function and / work is key in the long term prognosis and impact of the condition on a patient’s overall wellbeing.

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