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At Vitality Medicine of New York (VMNY), healthcare is an active, collaborative process between the patient and their provider. Patient education is the cornerstone for patients as they make choices toward a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We are finding scientific & evidence based methods to care for patients who not only have chronic diseases, but those who may also have a genetic predisposition to diseases. We carefully evaluate the interactions between genetics, diet, hormones, toxin exposures, infections, sleep disorders and stress, and how these interactions contribute to development of disease. At VMNY we understand how the management of inflammation and dysfunction at the body’s cellular level can lead to significant improvement of one’s health and vitality. Our goal is for our patients to live their best lives.

In our concept of integrative & functional medicine we take a comprehensive approach to medical care that aims to address the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a health care partnership. The focus is to optimize the health of the patient’s body cells, and identify and manage biopsychosocial systems that may not be in balance or harmony with each other. This in turn supports healthy aging and vitality. We use medically sound diagnosis and management guidelines with no gimmicks, false promises, avoiding often used expensive, unproven laboratory testing and unnecessary treatment options.

We seek to treat the underlying causes of chronic conditions, and not only offer temporary “Band-Aids” and symptom treatment in the common paradigm of the present standard western methodology. This method can be described as an “assembly line” medicine, with its greater focus on technology (MRI, imaging, labs, etc.) and disease labeling which is better suited to offer care for acute illnesses and treating symptoms by medications rather than understanding fully underlying causes of chronic illnesses and its prevention. Standard western medicine may have led to limited focus on this system oriented approach with lesser clinical & emotional engagement between the patient and health care provider. We provide a healing environment for patients to recover, replenish and revitalize using integrative & functional medicine guidelines, nutrition, diet, IV nutrition, stress management, sleep regulation, mindfulness techniques, nutraceuticals, supplements and many other modalities.

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