Medical Division

The Medical Division of VMNY provides a variety of medical services all in one location, which include but are not limited to:

  • ✓ Orthopedic Spine & Joint Interventions
  • ✓ Pain Medicine
  • Physical Therapy
  • ✓ Office Based Surgery
  • ✓ Anesthesia care
  • ✓ Other Medical Services

We offer all of these services in an office point of care setting (not hospital) using the latest in medical technology such as credentialed office based surgery & anesthesia care.

At VMNY our approach is individualized with clinical practices addressing and evolving to more of a “why” and not ‘what” approach to identify underlying causes of illnesses and its management.  It is important to realize that the human body is inherently trying to heal itself and often, by first identifying the triggers such as environmental toxins, antecedents such as our unique genetic code, mediators such as lack of exercise, sleep or poor nutrition, system clinical imbalances, functional laboratory testing for the patient can then seek the best approach to restore balance and health equilibrium for recovery. This preventative care with nutrition, diet, food, supplements, stress management, sleep regulation, exercise and lifestyle changes patients can naturally avoid serious medications and disease manifestations

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For more about Orthopedic Interventions, Pain Medicine & Physical Therapy:

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